The parent brand BUBS Godis AB’s position in the market has been unclear with low awareness. However, the candy concepts Skallar, Goody, and bulk assortment have had greater luminosity but have also been weakly associated with the parent brand.


Clarify the context. The customer and consumer/shopper should get a clear picture of how everything fits together. Develop a new, more powerful, and useful brand platform for BUBS Godis AB. Develop concept platforms for all members of the product family. Develop a new website.


Together with our sister agency Habermax, we analyzed the market, which provided relevant insights. We developed a hybrid brand strategy where BUBS Godis is the anchor, but where the candy concepts have the large public luminosity. Based on the positioning “playful,” we developed a brand platform, concept platforms, graphic identities, and a new website (the website together with our sister agency Tigerton).


See the results on bubs.se