Federation of Swedish Farmers


The Green Business is the thing. It’s the key to reduced global warming. It’s the road to achieving the government’s climate and environmental goals. It’s the foundation for a sustainable society. The sustainable society presupposes the green business life (the forest, the earth and the animals).


Today, there are many job opportunities in the green sector. The challenge is to attract young and old. There is a great need to interest all types of people in professions and educations in this sector – young people who want to choose upper secondary school programs, young people who want to go out and work directly, people who want to study at university, career changers and more. The hard nut to crack in this venture was to find an appeal and content that worked for a large and heterogeneous group and really make a difference.


KKM was responsible for conceptualizing Jobba Grönt, designing and producing the parts of the initiative that were aimed at young people and schools. This is to create commitment and interest in the green sector among young people who will choose high school programs.

The solution for Jobba Grönt is digital and consists of several different parts: concept, design, copy, film production, background guidance in professions and educations as well as challenges in the sector adapted for SoMe with influencers as the focus.


Most practical programs in high school today see a reduced number of young people applying there. But now Naturbruksgymnasierna is one of the few practical high school specializations that actually increased in the number of applicants in 2021 compared to previous years. The investment has attracted attention in several ways in the media. See if you think we succeeded in the challenge: www.jobbagront.se