Since the Covid pandemic, the number of memberships at F24s had declined.
People in general seemed to have difficulty getting back to their pre Covid exercise routines.
Tougher competition between gym chain, where several actors had expanded their operations during the pandemic. And all the advertisement had the similar visual material and offers. Witch made it hard to build brand loyalty.


To develop a Nordic recruitment campaign for SE NO FI that would get new members to try out existing customers to renew their membership.


Image-building campaign for a more long-term communication effort.
We created campaign material based on F24seven forgotten identity and offerings that the other chains would not be able to adopt. And therefor F24 was able to have its own distinct voice among the noice of offers from other gym chains.


In all countries the campaign has received greater engagement based on comments and shares compared to the previous price and recruitment campaigns that F24s has done before.