2019 was the second year for the snack brand Gårdschips’ precence at the urban music festival Way Out West (WOW). The purpose? Reach out with the Gårdschips brand. Offer some tasting.. Meet the consumer face to face and talk snacks and chips.


Continue last year’s competition where you can win festival bands to the festival. Activate instore & on SoMe. Reuse, but renew, last year’s event space. Develop a communicative theme for the tasting – this year with drink-inspired potato crisps. Find an activity that draws people to the event area.


There is festival fever, or rather Westival fever. Many visitors have an urge, a need, to go and visit WOW. And Gårdschips really wants to meet their fans and make contacts with other sponsors at the festival. First up was a national competition, “Give us your strongest festival memory” with festival passes as prizes. Charles, the charming food truck, once again got to be the front figure at the event area. And the visual theme for the event became nostalgic: American amusement park, carnival. Come and taste!


About 1,000 competition entries for the festival bands. 8,000 tastings of the drink inspired crisps at the event area. 5,000 bags sold in WOW’s bars and restaurants. 11,000 bags of crisps distributed backstage.