Mälardalstrafik is responsible today for three brands, in addition to the parent company Mälardalstrafik, there are Mälartåg and Movingo. Mälartåg is the company that manages regional train travel and Movingo is a commuter ticket. The parent company’s task, in addition to being just a parent company, is to promote the benefits of public transport. All to make Mälardalen easier, more attractive, and more enjoyable to live, work, and reside in.

With the new traffic agreement for Mälartåg coming into force on December 12, 2021, Mälardalstrafik was given an expanded responsibility for sales and customer service for Mälartåg. In addition, they were tasked with selling single tickets in the new sales channels Mälartåg.se and in the Mälartåg app. MTR became the new operator and would operate under the Mälartåg brand. These changes required a total overhaul of all three brands. Work on this started two years ago.


To maximize the full potential of each individual brand by building a completely new joint strategy for how the brands should function and support each other together and as individual brands with unique brand platforms. Historically, most of the marketing investments have been made in the commuter ticket Movingo, which was very clear when it comes to brand awareness for the different brands.


The work began by conducting empirical brand, customer, and employee surveys. After that, we identified the current state of all brands and together we developed the desired target images. In addition, we identified the obstacles that existed for us to succeed in achieving the desired goals. Only then could we determine the positioning for all brands and start work on creating brand platforms, brand hierarchies, and brand strategies.

When the analysis and strategy work were completed, we started the communication work. Together with Fröjd Interactive, we developed new graphic profiles, websites, and a new ticket application. An advanced work that included ticket system management including payment and accessibility knowledge.


The final result can be seen on malartag.se and malardalstrafik.se

The commercials can be viewed by clicking on the image below.