Picadeli is a European market-leading innovative salad bar company from Sweden. They have bars and products in Sweden, Finland, Germany, Estonia, Belgium, France and the USA. Picadeli is on a mission to democratize healthy food by making it affordable, appetizing, and accessible for everyone, and making fast food the opposite of junk food. In this particular campaign, Picadeli wanted to drive a change in eating behavior towards more healthy, by showcasing that their products are affordable and highlighting the price of a standard portion of their salad, 63 SEK.


Every year Picadeli publishes a global report called The Vegocracy Report (TVR), which investigates attitudes and behaviors of consumers in seven different countries. One challenge, and insight, we got from TVR is that an astoundingly 80% of all recipients think that it’s too expensive to eat fruit and vegetables and that many people cut down on this food category to save money when facing economically difficult times. And standing in the middle of an ongoing recession we could assume that this is now a reality, and not just some hypothetical scenario.  Another challenge was working towards markets in different grades of maturity when it comes to the brans Picadeli. In Sweden the brand is well known and talking about green and healthy food is really no big deal, but in the USA for example, the brand isn’t as well-known, and talking about green and healthy food is a politically charged and polarizing question. In other words, we had to come up with a way to talk about the affordability of a Picadeli salad, while also increasing brand awareness – all on a global scale.


We came up with the concept Fresh for all, in which we could launch a series of campaigns highlighting different insights regarding people’s attitudes towards healthy food. To disprove the perception that healthy food is too expensive, we created the campaign Fresh for all Wallets. In this campaign, we showcased that a Picadeli salad is for every budget, from the most cost-conscious ones to the foodies who want that little extra and have no problem paying for it. In a bold, recognizable design we told the world that cost doesn’t have to be an obstacle to eating healthy!


The campaign is currently ongoing and there are therefore no results to be presented jet, although there have been a lot of positive reactions in adherence to the campaign launch.