Stockholm International Water Institute


The world is facing a growing water crisis that is closely linked to humanity’s most pressing challenges. Stockholm International Water Institute, SIWI, works globally to change the way water is understood, valued and managed. As advocates and advisors show SIWI how improved water management is key to a fairer, more prosperous and resilient future.


SIWI is a large organisation and their work is global. They had 18 websites for different projects which was quite a challenge and expensive to maintain and manage and a nightmare for the communications team. They also have several different stakeholders from government institutions to private researchers and water practitioners. 

The World Water Week, an annual event hosted by SIWI, brings together more than 4000 participants from all over the world to discuss global water issues. The World Water Week conference lifecycle includes asking for proposals from organizations around the world, evaluating them, and choosing the speakers for the conference itself, the conference’s program, and follow-up communications. The management heavily relied on a few webforms and the back-and-forth e-mailing of spreadsheets.
We love challenges that combines digital solutions and sustainability.


Understanding the users and stakeholders is essential for developing a complex web solution. We held a series of workshops to better understand the various user cases and capture the ideas of both internal and external stakeholders.
We created a clickable prototype that allowed SIWI to test the solution early on with a focus group and gain a better understanding of the users.
We worked with the World Water Week team to make a process flowchart from the beginning of planning the conference to the conference itself and the communication afterward. We also talked to the key people in charge of managing the site to make sure the new platform would solve their problem and make planning and running the conference much easier.


All of SIWI’s operations and programs are now on a single site on a new digital platform – Articles and information can be easily shared between the main site and microsites. This cuts down on administration and makes it possible for even small projects to have a professional web, while large projects can have extensive subsites.
The World Water Week now has a full conference management tool that was made just for their process and needs. Spreadsheets are no longer emailed about. Instead, there is a strong system for accepting, organizing, and evaluating proposals, making schedules, and managing everything before and after the conference.