The Baking Report 2020


Dr. Oetker and have for several years noticed that the interest in baking has increased and therefore wanted to understand why the interest is so great. What attitudes, behaviors and habits lies behind? What do you bake? How to bake? When to bake, etc? The answers to these questions was a prerequisite for being able to create the efforts needed to make the category grow.


To get answers to the above questions, we conducted the first real study on Swedes’ baking habits. Who do you prefer to bake with? Is there a difference in what you bake in different parts of the country? Do older people only bake mazarines and younger people cupcakes? What do you decorate your pastries with? The bake report was carried out in the spring of 2020. After that, analyzes were made, supplementary interviews, more analyzes. The big challenge was to interpret all the answers that the respondents wrote freely. But it also provided an enormous amount of basis for our insights.


After completed surveys and supplementary interviews, we put everything together in a PR report.


The baking report has helped to consolidate Dr Oetkers position as a market leader, especially in the grocery trade. This means that the dialogue is now on a completely different level. The baking category belongs to the areas that have the greatest potential to growth, which the food retailers now also understand.