The Land of Legends Theme Park


The Land of Legends is a large theme park in Turkey. Just outside the tourist resort of Antalya on the south coast of Anatolia this is a dreamlike and magnificent combination of water park, luxury hotel, show facility, and shopping and restaurant district. A “dry” park with roller coasters and other rides has also been added recently.

When we received the assignment, The Land of Legends had already been up and running during a sparsely marketed season, among other things for testing purposes. Our task was to create a website and a visitor app before the official launch. During implementation, we also became involved in other projects on an ad hoc basis.



The work involved close collaboration with the park’s three owner companies. The creative director of the project as a whole was Franco Dragone, legendary director, designer and theater and new circus creator with the world as his field of work. His design work was, among other things, the basis for the park’s graphic identity and underlying story, which we of course had to relate to and follow. We could also reconcile ideas with him and also worked close to the theme park’s local advertising agency TBWA Istanbul.

The assignment was to design and build a modern and user-friendly website, as well as to produce content. In line with that, we also created a visitor app including a park guide and other informative functions. In addition to this, we designed logos for a number of bars and restaurants, produced sign material, worked with children’s club concepts, digital signage, storytelling for the hotel concept and other similar projects.


The official launch of The Land of Legends was a great success. The number of visitors increased steadily and the park was appreciated by guests from all over the world. Due to the corona pandemic, 2020 was a bit of a lost season for The Land of Legends as well as for the international hospitality industry as a whole, but the investment and expansion of the park continues