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At Thinc, you get help to reach full potential through a number of areas: From surveys, strategy and analysis to positioning, brand platforms, digital presence, traditional advertising, PR, media planning, events, print & profile and interior design. Check out our work and you’ll see what we can do.

We are Thinc

Context Media

We’re a channel-independent media agency with a high level of commitment. We have strategists, analysts, digital specialists and project managers, but also tools and insights to really be able to make a difference.

With the right knowledge, experience and tools, we find out what the market and the target group look like, monitor competitors and define purpose, goals and strategy. As a channel-independent agency, we are free to choose the channels that give the best results.

We handle the entire process: negotions, media bookings, optimization and evaluation. We are both Google and Facebook partners as well as members of Sweden’s media agencies.


Jetty was created by people operating in the event industry on a daily basis, who wanted to develop a system that made the event industry more efficient and structured. The system facilitates everyday life when creating different types of events: from the small fairytale event at the library to the big festival. Jetty let creative people focus on being creative, instead of spending important time on time-consuming work such as searching for documents and endless email threads.

Take the first step and use our Event Management System for free, undergo an online training and start creating unforgettable experiences with the help of Jetty. As your requirements increase, you add the modules you want. We want to grow with you!

Ta första steget och använd vårt Event Management System gratis, genomgå en onlineutbildning och börja skapa oförglömliga upplevelser med hjälp av Jetty. Efterhand som era krav ökar, lägger ni till de moduler som ni önskar. Vi vill växa tillsammans med er!


Vi skapar intryck som gör avtryck

Vi illustrerar, skapar, bygger och syr alla dina idéer för ditt event.

Vårt uppdrag är att lösa alla tänkbara behov inom fysisk kommunikation. Från spektakulära mässmontrar till storslagen julskyltning på köpcenter och allt däremellan. Vi har erfarenheten och kontaktnätet för att våga påstå att om du kan tänka det – så kan vi skapa det. 

Det offentliga rummet är vår arena. Inget är för smått, för stort eller omöjligt.


Tigerton is a full service web development agency. We take overall responsibility for your web project: From strategy and concept to development, operation and support. By setting clear goals together with our clients, we build websites that create added value. For example: Increased sales, better leads, simplified administration, more efficient support or a stronger brand. Our way of working is transparent, our pricing is clear and our approach is friendly. Your successful web project starts here…

DNA Agency

We’re a channel independent communications agency. Your DNA is our idea. Our goal is to get your brand, your product or your service to reach its full potential. It’s all about identifying and selecting the right inherent strengths. We have a method for producing crucial insights regarding your target group, market and brand. These insights form the basis for the communication concept, brand strategy, product design, POS material, SoMe content, business development, or whatever you need us to produce for you.


We love film! That’s the reason we’re working in this industry. Call it content, storytelling, stories or whatever you want – for us it’s always about telling your story with moving images.


To make the right decision, you must have the right insights. We produce these insights and they form the basis for your marketing communication, brand strategy and / or business development.

We do this through surveys based on empirical data. In addition, we as individuals have unusual and interesting professional backgrounds, which means that we have an extra understanding of the entire work process. Together, this maximizes the chance of making the right decision on the way forward. Curious?

Our mission is to influence people’s behavior through the right message in the right channels at the right time. We work borderless with challenges in communication in all its forms, digital and analog. But we most like to work with social information and employer issues.

Nowa Kommunikation

Our mission is to influence people’s behavior through the right message in the right channels at the right time. We work borderless with challenges in communication in all its forms, digital and analog. But we most like to work with social information and employer issues.

Tre Art Reklambyrå

“An advertising agency is a company that helps other companies with marketing, profiling and audience analysis,” says Wikipedia. And it’s that simple. We communicate our clients’ brands and products to the right target groups in the media that work best. We are especially good at B2B advertising and public activities. Our tools are experience, creativity and a curiosity that never ends. But okay, it’s a bit more to it, actually. Get in touch and we’ll tell you.


We produce music that sets the tone for your brand identity. No matter how you want your brand to feel, we create music that is exactly as you want it.


Together with our clients, we want to contribute to a better society. We help companies, non-profit organizations and the public sector to reach out and influence their target groups in important societal issues. We do this through methods that are at the forefront of education, pedagogy, communication and opinion formation.


We work with strategic PR and communication for the simple reason that we love smart communication. We know that it contributes to a business advantage for our clients.

Empower consists of consultants and advisors with different backgrounds and experience from media, journalism, communication, branding, advertising, marketing and design. We help our clients with analysis, strategy, production and follow-up.

And we think that all aspects of communication are equally fun, whether it is strategic, creative or operational.

Safir Communication

Safir Communication is a communication firm specialised in Investor Relations, Corporate Reporting, Corporate Governance and Corporate Communication. We offer insightful and value creative advice, which supports our customers in reaching their set goals with precise communication. We serve our customers through long-term assignments as well as shorter projects with high demands for strategic capabilities, ability to handle complex information and experience in dealing with company critical situations.

FAB Agency

FAB Agency is a creative agency that helps companies and organizations define the relevance and values of their brand, and then communicate it through strategies, concepts, campaigns, graphic design and advertising in different channels. Together with our customers, we create solutions that make the world smarter, prettier, less complicated and more sustainable – a little more fab!