Future Value 

Qualified recruitment and interim management within the economic segment in Stockholm.

Future Value AB

Development of a new website


Future Value is a highly specialized recruitment company. They only work with economists, primarily with companies in the Stockholm region, and fill both permanent positions and interim assignments on a consulting basis. They handle all competencies on the economic side. The company has a different way of working in many ways compared to many competitors. Among other things, Future Value works relationally, preferably extremely close to their candidates and consultants, supports them in their careers, and follows their development even when they are not looking for new assignments. They will increasingly purify this approach, both as a way of working and in their communication.


We were commissioned to develop a new website for Future Value. This involved both a general update and creating more visual impact, but also letting the company’s own view of the value of candidates and consultants permeate the entire setup.

Therefore, in consultation with the client, we chose to target virtually all communication on the website towards candidates and consultants, not towards client companies. Here you will find the expected recruitment ads, but also a lot of reading material focusing on Future Value’s way of working. More will be added during the ongoing work on the site.

Graphically, we used moving images and simple animations to give the page the same dynamic feeling as the company behind it.