Saps Service Management AB

Saps Service Management AB


Comprehensive responsibility for marketing as well as external and internal information.


Saps is an expansive service management company with operations throughout the country. Their offer can most easily be summed up by helping companies and public actors with most things that are outside their core activities, such as maintenance of properties and outdoor environments, office services, maintenance and service of technical equipment and more.

Our history with Saps goes back more than a decade, and over the years the collaboration has developed into a trusting partnership where we have overall responsibility for the company’s external and internal communication and marketing.


Saps is an idea- and vision-driven company, with a strong culture and thoughts about what constitutes good service and well-defined development goals. There is a strong desire to keep staff informed and enthusiastic and to ensure that new employees are trained in the corporate culture. This has meant that we have worked a lot to formulate and shape vision, ideology, produced material for internal communication and employer branding, plus web and other marketing material. In this way, we have been able to contribute long-term to the company’s ideology and self-image. On the basis of this, we make ongoing efforts, from support to the management’s internal municipality ication and layout for activities in social media to conventional marketing efforts.


Our long collaboration with Saps Service Management has built up a large mutual trust capital and given us deep knowledge of the company and the business. This helps us work quickly and cost-effectively and make proactive contributions to the work of realizing SAP’s visions. We appreciate the partnership very much and look forward to new challenges.