KappAhl is an international fashion company that operates in physical stores and online, selling clothes to women, men and children.

They work primarily with two target groups. One of the is the woman who buys clothes for herself and in this case; The parent who buys clothes for her children.

KappAhl’s main focus when communicating with parents and children is the sustainability work and that KappAhl always work from the children’s perspective. This is manifested thorough proud collaborations with BRIS and similar organizations in other countries.


Kappahl wanted the listener to feel hopeful and strong and that KappAhl is a company that makes a difference and inspires. To spread the feeling of togetherness. They wanted a modern sound with a nice and positive beat, with digital elements. The wish was for a male who sings in English. Preferably elements of children’s voices in chorus.


After research and completed needs analysis, we went into a session with a small team.

We developed a number of basic ideas for music and lyrics and decided quickly to continue working with the embryo for the Walk on Water song.

After a while, we expanded the team with our German partners. The song was produced in both Germany and Sweden, all songs are recorded in our studio in Gothenburg.

We also managed to recruit the artist Liamoo, who won Idol Sweden and placed 3rd and 6th in the Swedish Melodifestivalen, to perform the song and be the face of the campaign.


In addition to the full length version, the song was also delivered in different versions – 30, 20, 30, 6 seconds, for adaptation to different media.

The TV-commecial with the song appeared frequently on the major TV and streaming channels during the autumn.

We managed to get Liamoo on “Lotta at Liseberg” where he performed Walk on Water. The song is also available on Spotify. We’ve also recorded a cover of the song with only children singing.